How To Find Best Trending Blog Post Ideas? – 7 Methods

Hey, as you know, many people have a lot of difficulty in finding the topic/ideas for a new blog post.

Today I’ll tell you 7 ways how you can find the idea of ​​your blog post. So let’s know how you can do this easily with the help of these 7 ways.

Why should we find blog post methods?

As you can see how many posts I have written in my blog, about cooking tips, recipes and now I’ve started a new topic “how to start a blog and make money?.”

When I started writing blogs in May, I also had a lot of problems regarding the ideas of blog posts.

One day I thought that as I had to face all these problems to write a blog post ideas. And in the same way, many people would have the same difficulties they are facing, when they are confused that what should write and which topic to write on a blog.

Today I’ll tell you my methods and strategy which I do to write my blog post. This blog post is very detailed, I will tell you to step by step how I find ideas.

Trust me when you know how to find blog post ideas, you will start writing blog posts as soon as you pinch them like a magician.

1. Quora

If you don’t know what Quora is, then this is a question-and-answer website where people go to find information.

So, let’s know how you can do this topic research.

Like you are watching the shots of Quora’s platform. You will see this search option.

Simply you have to write your niche in search. As of now, I do some searching related to blogging.

As you can see how many questions are there. But you can also see there are so many ideas are there which I can cover in my blog post.

As you can see how many monthly searches are there and I can write an article on it

Perhaps now you must have known how we can get blog post ideas by using Quora.

2. Answer The Public

If you don’t know what was Answer the Public, then let me tell you this is a website, where you can find questions related to your blog post.

When you will go to the Answer The Public, you will see the search option, you have to put your keyword or niche in it. As I searched about the Keto Diet. As you can see so many questions are showing.

You can write all the questions by making topics one by one. But if you talk about the FAQs, you will get a lot of FAQs here. I use these FAQs for cooking and recipes blog posts. If you want to use only for the FAQ’s then you can use them.


Also, I would like to tell you about another tool which is

And this is an alternative to, and it is also a very good tool.

If you add any topic related to your blog or niche, then it will automatically give you many ideas. Here I searched about the keto diet let’s see what comes.

As you can see so many questions have come here which we can do to write our blog post. So, this is one the tool which I usually used when I want to write my blog post and you can also try to research your blog post idea.

4. Youtube

This is YouTube, everyone knows about it and everyone is using it. But you must be wondering how we will find content topic ideas from it.

All you have to do is to put your topic or your niche in its search box and then as you can see.

Let’s search about make money online.

As you can see so many ideas came in front of you. If your niche is about to make money online. Here you can see the complete whole keyword is here about on make money online.

Let’s check one keyword on google and see what comes in search.

As soon as I searched about it you can see many articles are written. And we too can write our blog on this idea.

On YouTube, you will find so many topic ideas that there will be no monthly searches on google and if you are creating an authority blog, then you can also write on all those keywords which have no monthly searches.

You can find lots of content ideas from YouTube and now you must be understanding how to take ideas through YouTube.

5. Facebook Group

Facebook group, you must be wondering how you can get blog post ideas from the Facebook group.

If you are wondering how this will happen, then let me tell you that in the Facebook group too many people have many problems which they ask in the group.

As someone has asked the question here, which one is the best web hosting company among HostGator and Siteground?

Let’s have a look at Google search results.

As I searched you can see that its monthly searches are around 1000/m and its CPC is also around 3 $ and the main thing is that their less competition.

And according to me if I’m not wrong then, If you promote any of them, then sales will be made.

If I tell, I saw a blog post where they explain between the Bluehost and sitéground.

And you probably believe that if any customer likes any hosting, then they will definitely buy it and he will make money through affiliate.

So, this type of keyword or blog post ideas where you can find on Facebook groups.

So I hope you will get the idea of how to find the blog post ideas through the Facebook group.

6. Twitter

We can also take similar blog post ideas from Twitter, but there will be some ways in this method and this will be different.

So let’s see how you can find a good blog post idea from Twitter.

As you may be aware, we will have to search related to our topic by going to Twitter search or related to the niche.

Let’s search about the keyword research and see what will come.

Here it comes,

And as you can see the blog topic came.

After you search on google and there you can see how many monthly searches and CPC are there.

And the main thing is not finding blog post ideas, and you can also promote any keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and generate outstanding sales from them.

So now I think you get an idea of how you can find blog post ideas from Twitter.

Are you excited to know the last method which is my favorite and I am damn sure after knowing about this method it’s also your favorite one?

7. SEMrush

For this, you will need SEMrush. And if you do not have SEMrush then you can take 14 days SEMrush trial through my Affiliate.

So let’s know-how from SEMrush, you don’t really mean how you can do topic research and find the blog post ideas.

After taking 14 days trial you go to the SEMrush dashboard. After that, you have to go to Topic Research.

You can search for anything here, according to your niche. Like I am searching for a gaming chair right now.

As you can see this keyword volume is around 40k in the USA.

I think the USA has a lot of gamers. Because I have seen a lot of live streams in that most are from the USA.

You can learn a lot here, as you can see the keyword variation, And all of them have only longtail keywords.

SEMrush was my favorite method to find the best blog post ideas that I use myself to write my content.

So, there were some strategies that I used to find the blog post ideas which I have shared with you.

Do comment inbox and let me know which one is your favorite and which you will try in your finding the blog post ideas.