Chocolate Pine Cone Cupcake Wreath Cake

Welcome, today I’ll be showing you how to make Chocolate Pine Cone Cupcake Wreath Cake?

Isn’t it something unique for your Christmas dessert this year?

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This wreath cake is actually a pull-apart cupcake cake. It’s also covered in buttercream and chocolate pine cones.

I hope you’ll love this, and you’ll definitely want to add this one to your holiday baking list.

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Products I have used are mentioned below:

  • Pinecone mold: Use this to make beautiful chocolate pine cones.
  • Piping bag: Perfect for piping buttercream for decoration of cupcakes, cakes.
  • 352 leaf tip: Perfect for making leaves for cake decoration.
  • Round tip #5: This will help you make red berries for the wreath cake.
  • Round tip #2: Ideal for detailing cake decoration.

How to make Chocolate Pine Cone Cupcake Wreath Cake?

Let’s get started.

In a mixing bowl, add melt semi-sweet chocolate chips, and then add 1 tsp of shortening to thin its consistency, just a bit. Heat a little more and stir until smooth.

Add that chocolate mixture to a squeeze bottle. Now take a silicon mold of the pine cone and pour the chocolate into that to make a chocolate pine cone for decoration. Tap the mold to even out the chocolate.

Make pine cones of 2 sizes one is bigger and other smaller one. Chill it into freezer until it’s firm.

When cones are all set, tap the mold gently to unmold the cones.(Be careful not to break the cones.)

Form a cupcake wreath shape using 22 cupcakes. Now add a layer of buttercream and spread it. (You don’t need it to be perfect)

Now using a 352 leaf tip, make leaves for the cake. The pointy end of the tip should be on the top and the bottom. Use a back and forth motion to ruffle the leaves. (The leaves should point away from the bottom of the wreath.)

Add our chocolate pine cones on the top and then fill in any gaps with more leaves.

Now using a round tip number 5, pipe red berries around the pine cones to make it look more beautiful, decorative and Christmas themed.

Now using s round tip number 2, add small white dots on berries.

You can leave your cupcake wreath cake as it is or you can also give it a snowy look by dusting with some confectioners sugar.

And boom our Chocolate Pine Cone Cupcake Wreath Cake is ready.

This is such an easy and fun to do cake recipe, that anyone can decorate this cupcake wreath. No one needs to be a pro to do this.

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