6 Chicken Cooking Mistakes to avoid NOW

Welcome, so today I’ll be showing some of the basic and very important Chicken Cooking Mistakes which you all might be doing while cooking chicken.

These mistakes are not so noticeable but are very important, if you want a perfectly cooked chicken.

So I hope when you will go through all of these tips, you’ll find that you might be probably doing any one of these mistakes or two or all of them.

So without any delay let’s go through all of them one by one.

6 Chicken Cooking Mistakes:

1. Rinsing chicken under running water:

Washing chicken in the kitchen sink is a frequent mistake people make. By doing this it is believed that the chicken is being cleaned of all the bacteria, in reality, the bacteria are just being spread to other things.

The only way to eliminate all the germs found on the chicken is to blot the surface and then cook it for at least 20 minutes.

2. Cooking it without marinating it first:

Marinating allows us to add so much flavor to the meat, it also helps it stay moist when it is being cooked.

To avoid cooking up a dry and tough piece of chicken, all you need to do is keep the chicken in some milk or oil and seasonings to marinate for at least one hour or overnight if possible.

3. Defrosting chicken in the wrong way:

Another mistake is taking a frozen piece of chicken and cooking it still frozen, or leaving it at room temperature.

The best way to defrost meat is to move it from the freezer to the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, then leaving it at room temperature for about 30 minutes before cooking it.

4. Cooking chicken without the skin:

The skin helps the chicken stay moist as it cooks allowing us to prepare a tasty and tender piece of meat. To keep it lighter, all you have to do is remove the skin after cooking.

5. Freezing the chicken incorrectly:

A quick and easy tip to defrost only the quantity of chicken you need to prepare your meal is to slice the chicken and alternate each slice with a piece of parchment paper before freezing it.

This way, you won’t have to defrost more than what you need. 

6. Adding seasoning to the chicken while cooking it:

This makes it hard for the meat to get much flavor and a lot of the seasoning gets lost in the pan. Seasoning the chicken before placing it in the pan is your best step one can do.

Massage the seasoning into the meat so that it absorbs all the flavor of the spices being used.

So now let me know in the comments which were the common chicken cooking mistakes you were doing until now.

And also share it with your friends to avoid them doing the same mistakes over and over and enjoy your chicken dishes.

Now you have tips on chicken cooking mistakes, so why not to give try to some of the chicken recipes:

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