9 Small Kitchen Organization Ideas and Space Saving Tips

Welcome, today I’ll be sharing some of the Small kitchen organization ideas and space saving tips for you.

If you are struggling with space problems and your kitchen is cluttered and messed up, then I have a few kitchen organization tips which will help you save more space.

I have some of the space-saving tips and kitchen organization ideas for your small and beautiful kitchen which will help you’ll to declutter your kitchen and make it look more beautiful, clean, and organized.

So just relax and read all of them carefully as you never know which one is for you.

So without any further ado let’s get started one-by-one.

Kitchen Organization Ideas:

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#1 Stick labels on every containers/jars in your pantry

And this is the most important as the pantry is the most important as well as the most used part of your kitchen.

By doing so you will not only save your time and effort, but it will also be easy for you to sort when cooking, and if you need any spices or ingredients as well as it will save loads of time and effort.

#2 Organize your utensils in a beautiful jars or on a rack or you can also hang them.

Organizing your utensils will make your daily to-do stuff easy as well as fast and relaxing.

As you know while working in a small kitchen, there is always a challenge with space and in the end, a cluttered and unorganized kitchen lead to even less space.

So start using organizing jars for a spatula, spoons, and rolling pin. rack for utensils and pans and you can also hang pans and many utensils which come with that handles.

#3 Hang your Mitts and towels which you use on daily basis.

Hang your daily and most useful thing so that it will be easy for you to grab them and as well as it will save more space and keep it organized and neat. (instead of throwing everything here and there).

You can hang them with hooks under your kitchen cabinets or on the walls of your kitchen it is up to you.

#4 Use DIY Can Organizers for your pantry.

Every pantry has lots of canned and packaged products. So buying them is easy but organizing them is bit more headache.

So always use a can DIY organization rack, so that you can organize all your cans on one rack and it will also help you prepare your grocery list as you’ll easily find which product you need to buy next.

#5 Use kitchen drawer partition.

Using partitions in kitchen drawers helps not only saving space but also makes everything convenient.

As you all might be struggling to find your hand whisk, knife, spatula, fork, and pretty much everything that you need for mixing and stirring.

#6 Use labels to organize your kitchen freezer.

Adding labels help you mark the thing that you need to buy and stock it for next month and hence creating a perfect and easy grocery checklist.

#7 Organize your beverage section.

This is my favorite part and probably of every person who loves coffee. Organizing a drawer especially for coffee and dedicating whole drawer to my favorite drink is just amazing.

Just buy few transparent containers in order to to this kitchen hack.

#8 Use stackable bins in your cupboards.

Organize your rack with drawers with stackable racks so that you can easily stack your kitchen cupboards and increase the storage capacity.

It’s always helpful to use a few plastic stackable containers to do this.

#9 Organize your chopping, cutting and rolling boards all together.

Organize your most used equipment, all together in this wired rack. You can always fix this wired rack inside your cupboard drawer and use it conveniently.

All in short, what you need to do is:

  1. Stick labels on every containers/jar in your pantry
  2. Organize your utensils in beautiful jars or on a rack or you can also hang them.
  3. Hang your Mitts and towels which you use on daily basis.
  4. Use DIY Can Organizers for your pantry.
  5. Use a kitchen drawer partition.
  6. Use labels to organize your kitchen freezer.
  7. Organize your beverage section.
  8. Use stackable bins in your cupboards.
  9. Organize your chopping, cutting, and rolling boards altogether.

Comment below and let me know which one is by far your favorite and which kitchen organization ideas did you used.

I hope these guides will help you with organizing your kitchen ane help you add more space to your kitchen.

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