About Me


Hello, I am Aklesh Pal. I am a part time-model and sketch artist, and I am an experienced blogger too.

I have 2 years of blogging experience and 8 years of cooking experience. So I decided to start my blog where I’ll teach how to start a blog and how to make amazing and easy recipes.

I share all of my experience in each and every article as well as tips that will make your life easier.


I started cooking when I was 13 yrs old, I used to help my mom in the kitchen as well as sometimes when she was out of town for a few days.

And that small experience taught me so much that finally, I decided to start a recipe blog in 2020 so that I can share my recipes as well as experience with you all.

I hope you’ll love these recipes and enjoy cooking them.

I also share some of the best cooking tips which will help you cook easily and improve your cooking skills as well as make you an expert chef.


Since I started this blog in 2020, before that I have gathered much information on how to start a blog and run it successfully, generate a handsome amount and quit a job or any other laborious work.

In this blog, you’ll find blogging tips and how to make money online to make your life easier and give you freedom, so that you can follow your passion or dreams.

Thank You