Creamy Tuscan Salmon

Delicious Creamy Tuscan Salmon Recipe quick and easy recipe for any weeknight or weekend fix.

Delicious Creamy Tuscan Salmon Recipe quick and easy recipe for any weeknight or weekend fix.

Welcome, today I’ll be sharing with you guys is one of my favorite recipe and that’s Creamy Tuscan Salmon.

This delicious Creamy Tuscan Salmon recipe is quick and easy recipe for any weeknight or weekend fix.

Let me tell you, this is absolutely delicious, definitely a banger and today we’re going to be working with the salmon and it’s going to be better.

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How to make Creamy Tuscan Salmon?

Let’s get to cooking, first things first wash your salmon fillets and then pat dry it. Why do you pat dry your salmon? because we are going to add the salmon to a hot cast iron skillet and we do not want the splish splash effect going on.

Season salmon fillets up with adding some salt, black pepper or rainbow peppercorn (of course use what you have)

Now, what’s the rainbow peppercorn? It actually consists of red-pink, black pepper, white peppers so on and so forth, it brings great depths of flavor when it comes to seasoning your food.

Flip salmon over and repeat the same thing on the other side as well. Take your hands
and pat it in, make sure the seasoning is stuck to the salmon.

All right, after that, add some oil to the skillet and fry salmon fillets up. When you see smoke coming straight from the pan, we are ready to go. So allow the salmon to cook for about a minute and a half on each side.

When you see that little transitioning color, your salmon is no longer bright pink but instead, it’s starting to turn like a slight white pinkish color that is the perfect indication it is time to flip salmon over.

Allowing it at least one and a half minutes on the other side as well before flipping it over we don’t have to worry about cooking it all the way through at this point in time because we’re gonna add the salmon back to the pan once we’re done.

Now, when we finished frying our salmon; if you have an excessive amount of oil in the pan then
drain that oil off as we only need a little bit of oil in our pan.

Now we’re going to add our butter, and on low heat, we’re going to add our garlic and toss it around just a bit until all of those delicious aromatics are released and we’re going to combine it with the butter.

Twist it around to us and around make it look good, we don’t want our garlic to burn so it’s important that we continuously stir our pan. Now allow our garlic to toast up just a bit but not too much because we don’t want to eat burnt garlic.

Now that everything is nice and toasted, add white wine and allow it to reduce just a bit probably i would say a little bit less than half because we’re trying to get all of the flavors.

Mix it around combine it really well as we want those flavors to pick up so we’re going to combine the white wine with the garlic the butter and everything else that’s in the pan.

Once you’re done, add heavy cream. (if you add half and a half you may have to allow it to reduce a little bit more in order to get that nice creamy rich texture or you may even have to add cornstarch and water).

I’m not trying to do all of that I just prefer to add the heavy cream and get it nice and creamy and we’re good to go.

Add parmesan cheese and add a little at a time only because we don’t want a clumpy mess, we want to take our time to stir it really nicely until everything becomes nice and smooth. Use the back of spatula to smooth it out because we want a nice textured creamy sauce.

Let’s go ahead and add sun-dried tomatoes, when it comes down to the sun-dried tomatoes
so delicious not only does it give you that nice flavor but it also gives you that nice pop of color as well so it’s up to you whether or not if you want to add a little bit or a little bit more if that makes sense.

Now add spinach, however, when it comes down to the spinach it may seem like it’s a lot but by the time it cooks down and it starts to wilter it’s gonna seem as if like wait a minute what happened i didn’t add enough spinach.

So add more than a handful of spinach, maybe two or even maybe three handfuls. Stir everything and let spinach break down and the color of our sauce is going to start to change in a couple of minutes,

Add salmon to this delicious dish and we’re gonna take that saucy sauce, top salmon with it and now would be the perfect time to allow that salmon to cook all the way
through. Allow that salmon to steam and do what it do.

Take some of that decadent delicious creamy sauce and drizzle it onto the salmon as well
some of that spinach, veggies. Now allow it to remain on a slow simmer for about 30
seconds get that infusion of salmon to be intertwined with the sauce and everything.

And once we’re done we’re going to turn that stove top off.

And serve this Creamy Tuscan Salmon with your favorite side dish, that can be any one of your favorite pasta, even zoodles (zoodles are pretty much made with zucchini and it’s a healthier option) you can also do quinoa not to mention you can do a nice creamy bed of mashed potatoes or you can just eat it with some bread.

You can try this recipe with whatever you like or whatever suits you the best.

NOTE: When you’re serving your Creamy Tuscan Salmon with whatever you choose to serve it up with, be sure to add some of that creamy saucy sauce.

Don’t be cheap when it comes to the sauce, add as much sauce as you want or as much as your taste buds require.

Because trust me this sauce is so delicious, if you don’t serve it with enough sauce you’re just going to be missing out.

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Creamy Tuscan Salmon

Delicious Creamy Tuscan Salmon Recipe quick and easy recipe for any weeknight or weekend fix.

  • Large Iron Skillet
  • 4-5 salmon fillets
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 5 garlic cloves
  • ½ cup white wine
  • 1¾ cup heavy cream
  • 5 oz sundried tomatoes
  • 3 spinach (handfuls)
  • ½ cup parmesan cheese
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste
  • cooking oil (for frying)
  1. Season salmon with salt and pepper.

  2. Sear for about 2 minutes per side until cooked. Set aside and reserve for later.

  3. Add butter to the skillet, add minced garlic to the melted butter. Stir until fragrant.

  4. Add white wine and heavy cream, add parmesan cheese and stir continuously .

  5. Add sundried tomatoes, spinach, and combine. Re-add the salmon back to the pan and spoon the sauce over the salmon.

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